Network Design / Maintenance / Support

Network Design / Maintenance / Support

  • Application Development
  • Virtualization / Cloud Computing
  • Managed Services
  • 21st Century Green Community Development
  • E-Learning Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Introduction of Basic Human Needs Services
  • Lego Robotics / S.T.E.M Consultation
  • Social Media Consulting
Network Design
Network Devices
Network Traffic
Flow Network Configuration
Network IP Services
Network Applications
Network Security
Network Readiness
Audit is focused around the following factors to review the network for new technology implementation.
New Technology Implementation

Our partner has Proven collaboration with various companies to define critical software and hardware aspects of hardware, software and operating systems for DIACAP,INFOSEC, and C OMSEC certification
Advanced and innovative technologies include quad convergance(data,voice,video and wireless), smart grid, green data center, borderless networks, connected real estate, security, cloud computing, customized applications and renewable energy. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert CCIE certified with real world extensive experience managing global networks of fortune 500 Enterprises and Service Providers

Social Media Optimization
Social Media is no longer the next big thing - it is the big thing! We engage your audience online and work with you to generate leads and build relationships that deliver value to you and your community.

User Experience
User Experience (UX) is the science of how people interact with websites. We combine UX with Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, to make it as easy as possible for users to find what they need from your brand, turning visitors into customers.

Email Marketing
Increase your sales with targeted messages that create and sustain lasting relationships. With strong content and custom designed layouts, your new and existing customers alike will love opening their inbox!

Content & Copywriting
Bring your brand's voice to life with relevant, effective content and attention-grabbing copy. Our writers will help you speak with greater brand consistency that plays into your overall marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing
Customers are a moving target, which is why we make beautiful websites that move with them. Feel free to view this page on a mobile phone, or just make your browser smaller, and see for yourself!

Search Engine Optimization
SEO drives traffic to your website through a variety of tactics. Your BizziBiz team researches the right keywords and implements the winning strategy to take your business to new heights - the coveted first page.

Search Engine Marketing
Direct customers to your site using craftily written pay-per-click campaigns and visually effective display ads. We develop your strategy and monitor the results while you generate targeted, trackable leads!

Digital Strategy Development
SEffective strategy is the key to achieving your digital marketing goals. Through detailed research, getting to know your brand and your goals, we put together all the pieces to build a top-notch digital marketing strategy.

WSI Proven Results

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